Music for video

If we are talking about certain vibrations that immeasurably increase the metabolism in the body, accelerate breathing, have a noticeable effect on blood volume, pulsation and blood pressure, we mean, of course, music. Even if we are stubborn esoterics and describe it all as a mystical experience, aimed at communicating with the world of spirits. And in this case, it does not matter whether it is a question of music for video or not. As music of this kind equally possesses all the above features.

Those who find it difficult to understand such intricate terms, combining a variety of difficult to pronounce sounds, can now get comprehensive explanations. If there is some kind of audiovisual work that requires special musical accompaniment (to enhance the metabolism of the spirits or, conversely, having an effect on the blood pressure of esotericists, which is insignificant), then today there are different options for obtaining such accompaniment.

The first is a hand-made production of the required musical material. The advantage of this method is its seemingly relatively low cost. The downside may be the time spent on production, taking into account the rather considerable time frame for teaching musical literacy with all the ensuing consequences (the acquisition of necessary equipment, bills to psychiatrists for all members of your family, including pets …).

It is easier to order the writing of the specified music for video already trained professional author. If something like this is able to fit into your budget.

And, finally, you can use ready-made music for video, which is written only to be included in your unique audiovisual product.

Since music for video is not animal skins of animals, the sale of which without appropriate markings is prohibited by law, anyone without making any special efforts can take advantage of all the features of special music libraries, where all existing music for video is quietly waiting in the wings. , to participate in the establishment of harmony between heaven and earth, as the old Confucius used to say.

The quality of music for video presented in such libraries is quite high and, in some cases, can even be higher than similar material of high-budget projects.

When submitting the material in the process of selecting the desired works, sorting by categories of the most incredible properties is used – style of music for video, tempo features, composition, instruments used, and the like. All this is aimed at maximally simplifying the task of choice. As well as the unified sound.

Another useful feature of music libraries is the provision of musical material in several forms, namely –
full version (full);
version without solo (underscore);
alternative version (alternative mix) – and not one;
the versions that fit into a given commercial time period are usually one minute, thirty and fifteen seconds;
short musical phrases – “beats”, shot-guns, jingle music …

This entire set of works is intended for widespread use in film and on television, in radio programs, advertising, and similar areas of human presence. All these objects of music for video are created as an inexpensive resource for media production, which are used in the most active way, repeatedly accelerating breathing for all participants in the process. Moreover, the royalty free license has significantly simplified the relationship with the copyright holders.